Geisenhofer Klinik
I have been working as a self-employed midwife at the Dr. Geisenhofer gynaecological hospital near Englischer Garten since 2009. With about 2500 delivered infants a year it is Munich’s second largest gynaecological hosptial.

Your attending physician will initiate the registration process at the hospital. The application usually has to be completed by the 34th week latest.

To decrease the stress of frequent shift changes, our midvies work 12 hours straight. At any time, a gynaecologist, a anaesthesiologist and a paediatrician are present.

Shortly before delivery your attending physician will be notified to be able to attend the process. If you have any questions regarding pregnancy, birth oder childbed care and want to make an appointment for a personal consultation at the Geisenhofer hospital’s midwife practice you can reach us at