The midwife practice at Theatinerstr. 36, which is integrated into the Gynecologikum, has been in existence since 2010.
In cooperation with the medical colleagues around Dr. Omar Qattawi, it is our concern to offer our pregnant women the best possible care and to improve the interdisciplinary cooperation between gynecologists, midwives and clinics.
We offer our care for every pregnant woman, regardless of the birthplace she has chosen for her child.
Pregnancy care takes place alternately with a gynaecologist and midwife.
In addition, midwifery appointments can be arranged at any time outside of the regular check-ups for advice and help with complaints using acupuncture and kinesiotaping.
After the birth, if the midwife is not available, we offer appointments with the baby for aftercare and breastfeeding advice. Domestic aftercare is NOT offered.

Appointments for new pregnancies, birth registration, midwifery and/or doctor's appointments can be arranged by calling 089/221113.